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How Is it Installed

The fibre optic cable can be installed be mole ploughing, digger, or by hand.
The video below shows mole ploughing in operation.


How Does It Work

A village cabinet, referred to as the village node, is installed somewhere within the village, from there, ducts are installed to chambers buried within paths & verges around the area. From this, smaller ducts are installed to each individual property. This enters the house through a small box and to the router mounting plate. Once installed, fibre optic cables are passed down them in a process called ‘blowing’, which pushes the fibre optic cable down the duct using compressed air. When the fibre is in the house to mounting plate it is terminate into a connector over which a wireless modem router is fitted.


Can it really happen?

Can we really get fibre optic broadband to everyone in the rural community of Appleby? Other communities are already doing it.

B4RN, Broadband for the Rural North based in Lancashire, UK, started out in 2012 to combat the same problem. They were originally planning to cover 23 parishes. At time of writing, they are now live, installing or planning to cover 60 parishes. They are expanding at a tremendous rate; in April 2016 they had 1654 properties connected. A year later in April 2017, they had 2846 properties an increase of about 1192 in just 12 months and they are not stopping there, aiming to connect another 2000 customers this year!

They are not just providing Internet connections though, they are also creating jobs! In 2014 they employed 1 person. 3 years later they are employing 15 and are looking to recruit more.

Whist we are looking to start smaller, the network design allows for easy expansion into other areas allowing other communities to receive true fibre optic broadband and the speeds that go with it.